Events 17/18

February 2018

Sacyr Fluor FriendlyCompetition II

The students of 3rd of ESO have won the 3rd place in the second FriendlyCompetition.

The work consisted in designing and building a gadget (to carry coins) with office supplies. The challenge was launched by the company Sacyr Fluor, and organized and valued by the Engineering Polytechnic School of Gijón (EPI).

Article in El Comercio


Everybody enjoys very much.


Group 3A                                 Group 3B                            Group 4º

November 2017

Festival de cine de Gijón

The students of the first level of ESO have gone to the film festival in Gijón to watch a film in its original version.


September 2017


The first activity done this scholar year was the PALE program. It is explained in the slide next to this.